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Announcing XENOVISION LIVE! The web cast – it’s all about XENOVISION this week, the company formed by Phil’s brother, Paul Hartmann that will be producing two of Phil’s animated characters – The Secret World of Edgar Screw Head and YOGI AND THE KID. Learn about all our projects and chat with TEAM XENO every Monday at 7pm Pacific/9 Central.

How Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures Amped Up Animation

By Scott Thill

INNOVATIVE AND FIERCELY independent animation pioneers Ralph Bakshi and John Kricfalusi skewed television surreal with Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, a 1987 show that expired in a hail of controversy after just a year. But its lasting impact on later bizarro toons like Kricfalusi’s Ren and StimpySouth Park and even Spongebob Squarepantshas secured the series’ place in animation history.

“If not for Ralph Bakshi, the ‘creator-driven’ [animation] revolution of the ’90s would probably never have happened,” the busy Kricfalusi told Wired.com in an e-mail interview. “Everyone credits Ren and Stimpy for drastically changing the way kid cartoons were made, but it really started two years earlier with Mighty Mouse.”

The show’s uncanny ability to mash madcap action and lunatic laughs into a stew of mature and juvenile humor that tickled the brains of kids and adults alike caught on quickly. The end result: Crappy ’80s animation got a serious upgrade. A DVD collection of the short-lived but influential show hits stores Tuesday.

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Sheatre’s Chandler To Receive Hartman Award


Joan Chandler’s work in educational alternative theatre — mostly in rural communities for small audiences — is in a different league, she said, from many of the works considered for the award she’ll accept in Brantford Saturday night.

So the Kemble-based artistic director of Sheatre was surprised to learn she was in the running and even more shocked when she was chosen for the first-ever Phil Hartman Arts and Humanitarian Award.

“I really feel quite astonished,” Chandler said Friday. “For someone who is working on a small scale doing community arts to be selected for such an honour is very humbling.”

The award is named for the Brantford-born actor who died in 1998. He was best known for his time during the late 1980s as part of the cast of Saturday Night Live.

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Phil Hartman For Canada’s Walk of fame 2011!

Phil Hartman For Canada's Walk of fame 2011!

Phil Hartman For Canada's Walk of fame 2011!

Please cast your vote today for Phil Hartman’s long overdue star on Canada’s Walk of fame!


Robot Snake Climbs Trees

An interesting, if not scary article about a robot snake that can climb trees!

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